Announcing My New Book: “The Minister’s Retirement”


I am very excited to announce that my new book, The Minister’s Retirement, has been released and is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

The following is from the introductory material in the book:

“This is a book about planning for retirement targeted specifically at ministers. Granted, most ministers I know would instead want to read something by Alcorn, Piper, Sproul, Keller, or Grudem—so would I! And if you’re young, perhaps in your first pastorate and raising a family, the last thing on your mind right now is planning for retirement.

In the unlikely event that you wanted to read a book about retirement (perhaps to help with insomnia), you’d probably look for something by one of the “big hitters” of Christian stewardship—someone like Larry Burkett, Dave Ramsey, Howard Dayton, Chuck Bentley, or Ron Blue. But here’s the thing: this is a crucial subject, even when you’re young, and as far as I know, none of those guys has written a book just for ministers.

All churches need ministers who are on firm financial footing while they are working, and they also have a responsibility to help them be in good shape in retirement as well. Sadly, however, many ministers struggle with financial difficulties, and many are woefully unprepared for retirement.

Just like the rest of us, ministers need to do what they can to prepare for retirement. Likewise, churches must do all they can to ensure that pastors who labor for a lifetime are highly respected, well paid, and adequately provided for in retirement. That is loving toward them, and it honors and glorifies God.

One of the reasons many ministers (and others) shy away from this subject, especially when they’re young, is that retirement planning is complicated and can be overwhelming. In this book, I try to simplify the complexities of planning for and living in retirement, with a specific focus on the challenges of full-time ministers.

The book is broken down into ten chapters, each of which answers a single, critical question about retirement. I don’t do a deep-dive into every area (a whole book could be written on some of them); instead, I try to provide enough information to take care of the basics and how to get help with the rest.

The book begins with a discussion of the unique challenges (and opportunities) that ministers face and then goes on to discuss things like types of retirement accounts, saving and investing, and generating income in retirement. It also addresses other vital areas, such as pensions and annuities, getting financial advice, and insurance. There is also what, for many, may be a very relevant chapter about the things a minister can do if they are behind in saving for retirement.

Because the book is addressed to ministers, I assume a strong theological foundation in stewardship and a biblical, God-glorifying perspective on later life. Therefore, most of the content is practical and very specific to the financial aspects of planning for and living in, retirement that are most relevant to ministers.”

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