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Regardless of age, this blog will help you plan for and live in a retirement that blesses others, brings you joy and fulfillment, and honors and glorifies God.

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When, where, and how to diligently save for retirement.

Investing and Taxes

I simplify these complex topics to help you grow your savings.

Retirement Decision

Help in answering the all-important “can i retire?” question.

Social Security

Understand and optimize your Social Security benefits.


Get the insurance you need in retirement.


Pursue a life of generous giving.


Live an affordable and fulfilling lifestyle in retirement.


Leave a legacy that involves more than just your estate.


Live as a Christ-follower in retirement.

My Books


👋 Hi, I’m Chris Cagle, the founder of Retirement Stewardship, a blog that focuses on the various aspects of retirement from a Christian stewardship perspective (1 Peter 4:10).

I write as a retiree who is dealing with the things I write about. I base most of the articles on my research and experience applying it to my situation and how it might apply to yours.

If you’re new here, check out the site introduction for an overview. You can also learn more about me.


My Books

Redeeming Retirement: A Practical Guide to Catch Up (2021)
The Minister’s Retirement (2020)
Reimagine Retirement: Planning and Living for the Glory of God (2019)